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Venous Leg Problems

Spider veins are a common minor problem. These are small red or purplish dilated end vessels. While they may be unattractive they pose no harm. Other venous problems may cause leg discomfort, leg swelling, and in severe cases skin breakdown. Vein problems affect both men and women and are more likely to occur the older we age.

The walls of a vein may be weak and bulge and twist as with varicose veins. When veins continually over-expand the valves fail to close properly. Venous blood then falls backwards putting more pressure on the valves below. Eventually these valves may also weaken and pooling or venous congestion results while standing or sitting.

A blood clot in a deep vein (DVT) most often occurs near a venous valve. The DVT can permanently damage the vein wall and valve. Damage, scarring or fibrosis to the vein wall and valve cause them to become incompetent resulting in reflux (backward) flow of blood and venous congestion.