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The WalkAide Drop Foot Treatment

MMAR Medical carries the WalkAide dropped foot device to help sufferers lift the foot and regain normal movement. Drop foot is a condition that inhibits a personís normal walking stride due to muscular weakness or paralysis. Drop foot is commonly experienced by individuals with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or who have experienced a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury. WalkAide drop foot devices use tilt sensor technology to study an individualís leg movement, and then send electrical stimulation to the peroneal nerve, which is responsible for regulating foot and ankle movement. The WalkAide drop foot support is worn against the leg and can be covered by a pant leg.

Dated dropped foot treatments like AFO braces can limit the footís range of motion and contribute to muscular atrophy. MMAR Medical believes in providing customers with only state-of-the-art products, so we offer an industry best return policy for your shopping confidence. Contact our dedicated customer service team with any questions and to order WalkAide products!